Tuesday, June 2, 2009

short story (written in pen) about one of the writers

by Timmy Johnson (from Mrs. Paulson’s 1st Grade Class)

Amy was walking up a cliff. And then she saw a big monster in a cave. Amy was good and from space. Texas. She had never seen a moster like this before. Not in Texas or the world. It was because it was the last monster like it. It had big eyes and was slimy and really scary. Amy wasn’t scared tho. Amy had been in fights before and had hit people and slapped them in the face.

The monster was not going to wait because it was angry. It swung its tail and Amy had to jump over it. Amy shot a fireball as she jumped. The fireball was on fire and hit the monster and it burned it and hit it. Amy was really happy because the monster was big. The monster wasn’t dead tho. Not ever in Texas or the world or even space had Amy fought a monster like it because it was covered in spikes.

The monster got really angry because it was burned by the fireball that Amy shot at it when they were fighting. The T-Rex roared very loud. and Amy laughed and was so not scared that she even ate a sandwhich.

“You are in trouble dead stupid not scary” Amy shouted at the monster. But the monster was really angry. It shot boiling acid at her and it burned through the ground because Amy jumped when she saw it do that.

But then the monster got hit with another fireball from Amy and was hit. It fell down and blood acid lots of acid! came out of its eyes and mouth. Amy went over to it and hit it with her sword in the head to make sure it was dead and it was so she got money from it and then flew back to the city at the bottom of the cliff and all of the people there gave her more money and fish gold because they were all happy that their was not more monsters just like in Texas.

Amy went to the store and bought a soda. The end.

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