Sunday, June 28, 2009

On Characters

Essiem: So, what do you think about Bri's part in the realm?
Amy: I thought she was just going to be NPC's and stuff... but yeah, I think I'd have fun being an actual character.
Essiem: Maybe she's a cleric like we talked about.
Amy: Ooo! I KNOW I KNOW!
Essiem: What?
Amy: A BARD!
Essiem: No... wait, why?
Amy: So she can do songs and poems and stuff.
Essiem: Yeah. No.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Attempt #1

We played some D&D this weekend. I fought a giant robot with flying kicks while Amy cried because her flaming sword heals constructs. Charge+Flying Kick FTW!!! (I drew the underlying sketch for this while there)

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Awww yea! We shot Episodes 1 & 2 today!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

We Should Write Something

CGO blooper from Chaotic Good Online on Vimeo.

Basically, we should have written something out first...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

short story (written in pen) about one of the writers

by Timmy Johnson (from Mrs. Paulson’s 1st Grade Class)

Amy was walking up a cliff. And then she saw a big monster in a cave. Amy was good and from space. Texas. She had never seen a moster like this before. Not in Texas or the world. It was because it was the last monster like it. It had big eyes and was slimy and really scary. Amy wasn’t scared tho. Amy had been in fights before and had hit people and slapped them in the face.

The monster was not going to wait because it was angry. It swung its tail and Amy had to jump over it. Amy shot a fireball as she jumped. The fireball was on fire and hit the monster and it burned it and hit it. Amy was really happy because the monster was big. The monster wasn’t dead tho. Not ever in Texas or the world or even space had Amy fought a monster like it because it was covered in spikes.

The monster got really angry because it was burned by the fireball that Amy shot at it when they were fighting. The T-Rex roared very loud. and Amy laughed and was so not scared that she even ate a sandwhich.

“You are in trouble dead stupid not scary” Amy shouted at the monster. But the monster was really angry. It shot boiling acid at her and it burned through the ground because Amy jumped when she saw it do that.

But then the monster got hit with another fireball from Amy and was hit. It fell down and blood acid lots of acid! came out of its eyes and mouth. Amy went over to it and hit it with her sword in the head to make sure it was dead and it was so she got money from it and then flew back to the city at the bottom of the cliff and all of the people there gave her more money and fish gold because they were all happy that their was not more monsters just like in Texas.

Amy went to the store and bought a soda. The end.

E! True Hollywood Story

About One of the Creators by Amy

As Matthias, a fighter hailing from the Northwest, trekked up the Green Mountain, he removed his spectacles, frowning at the fog that his sweat had created on his sight-aiding tools. “Blast,” he thought. “My moustached cohorts surely would have uncovered the secret by now.” His thoughts drifted as his defective vision refocused on the verdant shrubbery near him. Could it be? The last arrow emblems needed to complete his quest?

He bent down closer. Suddenly, his knees torqued and gave. Matthias, as stunning a fighter as any, had not any formal physical training for a solid… ohhhh… decade. This quest was a necessity, but he was beginning to think more and more that he could not endure the entirety of the journey. A good rest might do for now.

[By the way, his eyes had failed him yet again. No surprise. The arrow emblem he thought he saw was a mere pinecone. Well, at least he had a pinecone. It served no great purpose. He just appreciated nature, is all.]

Matthias was a good man. He meant well, and was very supportive. He had several friends (if you were going to be specific, his social network included about 727 people, roughly), and enjoyed sending messages of the short quippish kind all day and night. Sure, Matthias had his deformities and character flaws (boy did he ever), but deep down, his intentions were pure.

He picked up the pinecone and tried to eat it. “Ouch! Stupid!” he thought, not incorrectly. “I’ll never find the last arrow.” That was also not incorrect.

Keep trying, though, Matthias. You’ll figure out the forward punch soon enough. Hopefully before your “backward, birdbrained, defective, dim, dim-witted, dopey, dull, dumbbell, dumbo, dumdum, dummy, exceptional, feeble-minded, gorked, half-witted, held back, imbecile, lamebrained, mentally defective, moronic, numbskull, opaque, pinhead, retardo, sappy, simple, simple-minded, slow, slow-witted, stupid, subnormal, touched, underachieving, weak, yo-yo” freakish constitution sinks even further into retardation (“retarded”).

Works Cited

“retarded.” Roget’s 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition. Philip Lief Group 2008. 02 Jun. 2009. .

A Rose, By Any Other Name

So, I was watching -----, and it seems like they never say D------s and D-----s. Can we technically use that in our scenes?
Matthew: I don't know, I think so. Let's ask Ben.
Amy: Does Ben work for D------s and D-----s?
Matthew: No, but he knows everything about that stuff.

*Matt leaves and comes back*

Matthew: Ben says no.
Amy: Damnit. What are we going to call it, then?
Matthew: I don't know.
Amy: Giants and Gold?
Matthew: That sounds like another series.
Amy: Dwarves and... something...
Matthew: Titans and Towers?
Amy: Too Greek mythology. Griffins and... Like, Griffins and what?
Matthew: Here, hand me that Player's Handbook.
Amy: K.
Matthew: Okay, okay... *reading* How about Magic and Monsters?
Amy: That works.
Matthew: Good, it was in the synopsis.

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