Monday, June 15, 2009

Attempt #1

We played some D&D this weekend. I fought a giant robot with flying kicks while Amy cried because her flaming sword heals constructs. Charge+Flying Kick FTW!!! (I drew the underlying sketch for this while there)


  1. sure E rub it in... I did wind up aiding him most of the fights +2 attack, and I critical'd a couple of saves (not that that's possible)... and hey! I disabled a bunch of traps... needless to say I probably won't play a catfolk ninja named Hiro Shima again (it was premade, and a bit offensively named)

  2. I guess you guys are playing 3.5 because I don't think 4th ed has the monk class. Am I right?

  3. You're right! I monked it up!


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