Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Rose, By Any Other Name

So, I was watching -----, and it seems like they never say D------s and D-----s. Can we technically use that in our scenes?
Matthew: I don't know, I think so. Let's ask Ben.
Amy: Does Ben work for D------s and D-----s?
Matthew: No, but he knows everything about that stuff.

*Matt leaves and comes back*

Matthew: Ben says no.
Amy: Damnit. What are we going to call it, then?
Matthew: I don't know.
Amy: Giants and Gold?
Matthew: That sounds like another series.
Amy: Dwarves and... something...
Matthew: Titans and Towers?
Amy: Too Greek mythology. Griffins and... Like, Griffins and what?
Matthew: Here, hand me that Player's Handbook.
Amy: K.
Matthew: Okay, okay... *reading* How about Magic and Monsters?
Amy: That works.
Matthew: Good, it was in the synopsis.

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