Friday, April 3, 2009

Cast List Announced for Chaotic Good!!!

Hey guys,
We finally figured out our cast listing for Chaotic Good Online!
Thank you for all your support so far, and we're stoked to have so many people interested in this project so early in its development. But without further ado...

Co-creator of the project, Amy Vorpahl, has filled in the roll of Bri, the Game Master. Amy is a comedy performer/writer in Los Angeles with training from UCB and iO West. Her all-girl sketch group just won the 2009 iO West Comedy Festival! Check out for more information.

Matthew Buchholtz has taken the seat of Grant, the graduate student who plays Fortinall, the adventuring party's Battle Commander. Matt can be seen in such upcoming series as "Start Select Show" and "The Hollywood Standard." He also can also be seen playing WoW. A lot.

The role of Taylor, the group's rogue, has been given to Barbara King. Barbara King can be seen performing improv and sketch comedy at Groundlings, iO and UCB. Her sketch group, "Tang," won the 2009 Los Angeles comedy festival. TV credits include: Law and Order; Law and Order SVU; All My Children; and As the World Turns.

We brought in Jake Regal to play the role of the youngest member of the table, Anthony. Jake is an actor and improv comedian in Los Angeles, California. You may have seen him on stage at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, performing with his Harold team Lincoln's Bedroom, or on MTV, playing the part of "press corps" in the first thirty seconds of every episode of Paris Hilton's My New BFF Season 2.

For Bri's roommate, Kyle, Ian Gary of the reknowned Groundlings Theater Sunday Company has taken the role. Ian has toured the country as an acclaimed stand up comic. Now he doesnt. Because he now writes and performs sketch comedy every Sunday at the Groundlings.

And that's it so far! Enjoy!!!

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