Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blog Decision

Matthew: I just think the more extras we have (extras = fun things for people to look at vs. additional people in the background) the more people will feel connected to us.

Amy: yea for the site, like a blog.
actually, i wouldn't mind starting the blog right now

Matthew: let's do it.

minus the caps sry

Matthew: omg intense

Amy: haha

Matthew: um, i dunno.

Amy: what about a blogger?*

Matthew: I've never really blogged more than 2 entries ever.
i have facebook :P
we should probably use something that hosts offsite, so we can update from wherever.
I've kind of been blogging via our facebook fan page

Amy: i think i'll try blogger* cuz y not.
oh i should check that out

Matthew: blogger* is what the cool kids use

Amy: oh well no brainer then

*used to be another name before we tried it out and didn't like it... It was sloppy and unkind, and a little fascist

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